about us

Goldco Imports was incorporated since 1950  in Canada and has been owned and run by two owners. With their delegation to their customers, Goldco has established its name as a well-known high quality handbag wholesaler in Canada nationwide. Collections include exquisite leather, high class elegant synthetics goods; suited to all tastes, all ages and styles. Our business mandate is “unique and extensive selection at the best price”.

We are happy to announce “Goldco Studio” is now in full force to serve the domestic market and has expended the collection to even bigger selection, such as, scarfs, belts, jewellery, umbrella, travelling accessories and a lot more!!! We now do not just to serve the classic leather and evening handbag lovers but also take care of those who love small fashion accessories.

We do our best to add little best extras into your wardrobe every season!!!!!!!!!!

To contact us, you can either e-mail us at info@goldcostudio.com or call us at 416-293-2488.